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So it’s good to know and feel that you are doing your part in recycling by using reusable bags for grocery shopping, taking initiatives in curbside recycling, and perhaps composting in a green garden this summer. But what about that Old CRT/Monitor or TV that you could not give it away in the last backyard sale and remains in your home/office gathering dust? Obviously, as responsible citizens we do not dump that in our garbage or dump it in landfills so how do you deal with these old monitors and TVs?

We have all heard the ongoing awareness program and hazards of E-Waste. The lead, cadmium and many other toxic chemicals that make up these cool unwanted devices can pollute the environment and endanger our water supplies if not taken care of responsibly. That’s why it is imperative to not have this end in landfills but rather taken to a certified recycling company like to handle this for you. Will there be a cost? If it is just the old monitor, yes there will. R3Ewaste has to pay for specialist downstream vendors to take care of the leaded glass, the phosphor powder and the leaded solder which is expensive. However, if you collect other electronics for recycling at the same time, the value in these items may well offset the cost of the television recycling. In any event, the more weight you send to R3Ewaste, the more benefit to Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation.

With the help of this certified recycler, computer monitor recycling in Phoenix, AZ could not get any easier! In fact, will also take care of and recycle those old CRTs of the 1980s, projection TVs, and even other older TV based electronic items that are not working.

Other than TV/Monitor recycling, also specializes in recycling older electronics and computers too.  In essence, R3EWaste is your one-stop-shop for all your electronic recycling requirements. Another plus point for consideration, R3Ewaste is certified to R2, RIOS and ISO standards. This means any data remaining on hard drives or cell phones is erased to NIST standards. 

How does R3Ewaste make money from this? Well, old electronics often contain components which are in working condition but they still come in for recycling. R3Ewaste will identify and harvest these parts and will repair or refurbish them. Take that old cable box for example. On it's own it has no value. But, when combined with hundreds of others, the hard drive removed and sent to a specialist recycler they are worth $0.40 per Lb. 

Contact R3EWaste today for more details regarding your needs. Questions? We love questions!  Ask us anything about electronics recycling, we love our work!


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